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Parametric Study Of Microwave High Power Waveguide Dual Directional Coupler

Dual directional couplers are one of the important components in high power system for online monitoring of forward and reflected power flowing to and from RF load. RF load can be microwave applicator or antenna. This paper deals with parametric study of WR340 waveguide type dual directional coupler, operating at a frequency of 2450MHz ± 25MHz. The coupler designed is a loop type dual directional coupler. Experimental results on waveguide dual directional coupler are presented in this paper. Experiments were carried out on the designed coupler by varying width of coupling loop plate. This parametric study of dual directional coupler will help in design and developing finest dual directional coupler and also it will help in designing the couplers at other frequencies with suitable scaling factor. Keywords- Dual Directional Coupler, Coupling Directivity, Isolation, Loop Plates.