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Hardware Design For Embedded-Z (EZ) Source Inverter For The Speed Control Of Induction Motor

This paper represents the topology and hardware design of Embedded-Z (EZ) source feed induction motor. Conventionally there are two converters used for ASD systems i.e. Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) and Current Source Inverter (CSI), but they have a limited output voltage range. Conventional VSI and CSI support only either buck or boost DC-AC power conversion and need a relatively complex modulator. The problems in traditional source converters can be overcome by Z source inverter. In this LC impedance are employed for fast power conversion. Due to requirement of additional LC filter the cost of operation also increases. Therefore, instead of using an external LC filter in Z-source inverters, this paper gives an alternative family of Z-source inverters i.e. EZ-source inverter. In which input DC source has embedding between LC impedance, which perform the current and voltage filtering operation in current type and voltage type EZ source inverter. This paper illustrate the hardware design of EZ source inverter fed induction motor which overcome problems of conventional VSI and CSI inverters. And it gives the smooth speed control of induction motor. Keywords— EZ-source inverters-source inverters, Z-Source inverter Pulse Width Modulation, Adjustable Speed Drive System, PIC Controller.