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Smart Phone Based ECG Monitoring

The Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in the world. Due to the changing life style heart attack rate is increasing day by day. In India, current heart attack rate is about 25%. The main cause of heart attack is a lack of medical care at the right time. To avoid this there is a need of regular checkup of health. In some cases it might be required to monitor ECG frequently. But it is not possible due to the high cost of healthcare equipment as well as time consuming process. This is the limitations of existing system. So, there is a need of low cost, portable, low power and time saving ECG monitoring device. With the use of this portable device patient can monitor there ECG anytime, anywhere and send the report of ECG to the doctor and can effectively communicate with the doctor. In case of any abnormality doctor may call the patient. This paper presents the development of Low cost, low power, portable and time saving ECG monitoring device. Index Terms— ECG, MSP430, Android, Bluetooth, Mobile Health.