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Comparisons Between Bgi And Wiener Filter Method In Resolution Enhancement Of Simulated Image

GEO Satellite imagery is an important tool and can be used to estimate rainfall during the thunderstorms and hurricanes for flash flood warnings in real time. However, for the GEO satellite is located higher than normal LEO satellite, the spatial resolution images are lower. Therefore, in order to obtain an image with enough resolution, some methods are to be implemented in GEO satellite observation, such as resolution enhancement which is a technique that achieves higher resolution for satellite image with lower resolution? This paper focuses on the comparative between two techniques that are used to increase resolution of the images. Wiener filter and Backus–Gilbert inversion (BGI) technique, the two algorithms are compared via both the simulation. The theory of BGI and Wiener filter method are described. The simulation is introduced, and the results are discussed. Keywords— Microwave Imaging, Resolution Enhancement, BGI, Wiener filter.