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Data Transmission Using Power Line And Visible Light Communication

Wireless optical communications has been used long before radio communications was first considered. However, over the last century radio communication has been the preferred means to transmit data wirelessly. The purpose of this study is to solve the problems of radio frequency bandwidth, frequency depletion, confusion possibilities, and security that are in current wireless communications systems, and to confirm the possibility of applying those solutions for the next generation network. To solve the problem of current wireless communication system, the combination of power line and visible light communication (VLC) system is created and capacity is analyzed. The exclusive power line communication modem, 8-bit ATmega16 microcontroller, high brightness 5pi light emitting diodes (LED) and PIN phototransistors were used for transmitter and receiver. The performance was analyzed using a designed program and oscilloscope. The voltage change was measured as function of distance from 15-30cm. The proposed system will enable high quality of service by high radiation power from this LED. And, this system does not cause or suffer from radio or electromagnetic interference. Keywords- Power Line Communication, Visible Light Communication, Light Emitting Diode, 8 Bit Microcontroller.