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PSOC Based Wearable Device For Health Monitoring

Recently health has been a very important parameter in the mind of people, so a monitoring system is required to keep them alert about their health. Monitoring systems are also required in Intensive Care Unit of arious hospitals. Hospital staff faces difficulty in handling devices due to their bulkiness and huge number of wires while giving medication to the patient. Monitoring system requirement is of very small size and low power operation. A small size, wearable device is presented in this paper, which consists of PSoC 4, photo interrupter and a very small size Bluetooth module. The system is totally wireless due to the use of Bluetooth module. It is attached on wrist and it can also be attached on the earlobe. Photo interrupter is used to read the data in the form of analog signal which is further amplified and converted to digital signal by ADC present in PSoC controller. PSoC is used mainly to reduce the system size, as both analog and digital peripherals are available inside a single chip. Due to this the discrete analog components such as OpAmp, ADC and Filter are reduced. Analog signal obtained from sensor is processed by the controller and the values of Heart Rate (Pulse wave) and Temperature are calculated. Temperature is obtained using the LM35 sensor. Total system is mounted on 3 different small size PCBs and the size of largest one is 19*15*3 mm. System operates on 3.3V and current requirement is less that 50mA, as the deep sleep mode has been used in both PSoC and Bluetooth. The system is powered by a Lithium Ion battery. A wireless wearable system is built which gives two different parameters of health i.e. heart rate and body temperature. The problem faced by doctors and nurses can be reduced by using this small size and wireless device. Index Terms—Programmable System on Chip(PSoC), Heart Rate(HR), Blood Pressure(BP), Photoplythesmography(PPG), Wireless Sensor Networks, Health Monitoring System(HMS).