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Fields Conceptual Change Inventory: A Diagnostic Test Instrument On The Electric Field And Magnetic Field To Diagnose Student’s Conceptions

Fields Conceptual Change Inventory (FCCI) is a diagnostic test instrument to diagnose student’s conception on the electric and magnetic field. FCCI has been developed since 2012 for surveying conceptions of students who learn Basic Physics II in Indonesia University of Education (UPI). FCCI design was based on highly desire of researchers to identify every concept on electric and magnetic field. Developing these instruments has been producing some analysis in electricity and magnetism concepts. Nowadays conceptual change is one of main issues to do research in science education especially physics education. As a consequence researchers want to diagnose conceptions of pre-service teachers on the electric and magnetic field. FCCI has been developed into two parts, the first is FCCI for diagnosing electric field and the second part is FCCI for diagnosing magnetic field. In this work authors focus on describing FCCI to diagnose conceptions of students on electric and magnetic field. As many as thirty three students have been surveyed by testing FCCI instrument in Odd Semester 2014/2015 and data was processed to analyze conceptions in some categories, those are: understanding of concept, parallel (partially) conceptions, misconceptions and do not understand of concept. Data were analyzed by using percentage and described both quantitatively and qualitatively. To sum up pre-service teachers have variety conceptions on electric and magnetic field which is very useful to be a baseline for next research. Keywords- FCCI, Electric And Magnetic Field, Diagnostic.