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Design And Fabrication Of EEG Controlled Artificial Limb And Adaptive Controlling Using GSOM Self Turning

Human hand having very complex structure with inherent biosensor and mayo mechanical actuator. The imitation modeling of a model of human hand is too difficult to achieve so that a human hand has many degree of freedom, less energy consumption with less effort for operation. Modeling an electro mechanical system with feature of a human arm is too multifaceted. The latest biotic researches make use of new technologies that can be castoff for designing artificial limb for person with disabilities. Such system faces many development strategies which includes the complex design model, struggle in evolving operational algorithm, accomplishment of real time operation and especially the cost. The proposed system that develop a low cost artificial limb for the disabled person which is controlled using an Electroencephalogram (EEG) sensor and processed using a DSP based microcontroller. The Electroencephalogram signal produced in unabridged part of body is sensed by using Electroencephalogram sensor and signal are amplified, rectified and then given to the DSP microcontroller. The whole system is simulated in CATIA for design consideration and the fabrication of the bionic arm by using poly lactic acid as its covering material. Keywords- Electroencephalogram sensor, DSP microcontroller, Designing, Bionic arm.