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Computation Of Stabilizing PI/PID Controller For Load Frequency Control

As power system is highly non linear in nature, its operating point changes continuously. So, the system performance is very poor, which affect the real and reactive power. Changes in real power mainly affect the system frequency and changes in reactive power mainly depend on changes in voltage magnitude. Thus, real and reactive powers can be controlled separately. The Load Frequency Control (LFC) controls the real power and the Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) regulates the voltage magnitude and hence the reactive power. Load Frequency Control (LFC) of interconnected system is defined as the regulation of power output of generators. In general the Fixed gain controllers are designed at nominal operating conditions and fail to provide best control performance over a wide range of operating conditions. So, to keep system performance near its optimum, it is desirable to track the operating conditions and use updated parameters to compute the control.In this paper a new method of finding stabilizing PI, PID controllers has been proposed for LFC control system loop that is determined using ”Boundary Locus Method”. Index Terms - Boundary locus method, Load frequency control, PID controller, Relative stabilization.