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Security Constrained Optimal Generation Expansion Planning Using HSDE Algorithm

This paper illustrates OGEP under normal and network contingency with an optimization technique, HSDE algorithm, a Hybrid mutation operator and self adaptive scaling differential evolutionty (HSDE) algorithm for solving OGEP (Generation Expansion Planning) with Security Constraints. In the first stage, a HSDE algorithm is employed to approximate the set of solutions through an evolutionary optimization process. In the subsequent stage, a multi-criteria decision-making approach like AHP,SAW,WPM are adopted to rank these solutions from best to worst and to determinate the best solution in a deterministic environment with a single decision-maker. This hybrid approach is tested on a modified IEEE 30-bus system to illustrate the analysis process. The ranking of solutions is based on entropy weight and the technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution problem. Keywords- AHP, HSDE, FLCC, MCDM, OGEP, SAW, And WPM.