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High Gain Multiple-Input Dc-Dc Converter For Hybrid Energy Systems

Hybrid power systems means connection of more than one source at the input of system. To continuously deliver the power from source to load, the use of single output with single input non-isolated dc-dc converter is not that much sufficient, then for this type of systems, single output with multiple input converter proposed. It can regulate the voltage levels above or below the input voltage by adjusting switching signals. In this, pulsating voltage and current source cell configurations presented and used. These are useful for energy diversification from renewable energy like solar, fuel cells and stored energy systems through individually or simultaneously. By connecting voltage multiplier cells (VMCs) obtain high output voltage for small input voltage on the required gain factor. In renewable energy sources, now solar systems (PVs) are present trending in the power generation. In this paper, solar cell used as one of the input source of multiple-inputs. In the described different types of control schemes, intermediate synchronization of switching signals is used. The simulation results are verified by using MATLAB/SIMULINK software. Index Terms— High Gain Converter, Hybrid Energy System, Multiple-Input Non-Isolated Converter, Voltage Multiplier Cells.