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Reduction Of Far End Crosstalk On High Speed Printed Circuit Board Using Sinusoidal Microstrip Lines

In the recent electronic era, the reliability of circuits on printed circuit boards(PCBs) is affected by severe noise which is caused by high speed and low voltage operation as well as layout constrains compounded by limited space and high circuit density. The sinusoidal microstrip lines are proposed to eliminate far-end crosstalk in parallel high speed interfaces. By this modification increase in capacitive coupling ratio is obtained and is made equal to inductive coupling ratio. Mitigation of far-end crosstalk, near-end crosstalk, return loss and insertion loss were achieved on an FR4 printed circuit board by adjusting unit section of length. The far-end crosstalk and the near-end crosstalk has been observed to be reduced by 16% and 21%respectively than the conventional methods used. The added objective of reducing the return loss and insertion loss was also reduced 57% and 22% respectively. Keywords - Microstrip line, signal integrity, NEXT, FEXT, jitter.