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Localization Of Sensor Node In Wireless Sensor Network

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have become very popular nowadays because they are widely used in military application, tracking the object, forest fire detection, disaster management, in navigation systems and many more applications. Implementing the WSNs has large number of benefits as well as obstacles. There are several issues in WSN such as security, data aggregation, data dissemination, data routing, localization etc. Localization is the challenging issue, because without knowing the location of the data where it is coming from, processing that data becomes totally inappropriate. Finding the location of the unknown sensor node using anchor node is localization of that node. Anchor nodes or the beacon nodes are the nodes with Global Positioning System (GPS) in it. Taking these anchor nodes as reference nodes we are finding out the position of the unknown sensor nodes. In this work we are proposing range based localization algorithm using modified quadrilateral approach. Here we are considering four anchor nodes forming the quadrilateral structure, based on their Received signal strength indicator (RSSI) values. The distance from the sensor node to all four anchor nodes are estimated using the radio model equations which uses RSSI values of the anchor nodes to estimate the distances and finally by applying enhanced approach equation the (x, y) coordinate values are obtained. Results shows that proposed quadrilateral method is having less error and it has more localization accuracy compared to the trilateral method. Results are shown in simulation part. Keywords — Wsn, Anchor Nodes, Quadrilateral, Rssi, Trilateral.