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Sixth Sense Gadget

This paper focuses on an emerging technology asset-The Sixth Sense Gadget. The Sixth Sense is an Extrasensory Perception which has developed into a new domain called ‘The Sixth Sense Technology’. The most essential information that can aid us to take the right decision and judgments may not be accessed using our five innate senses, namely the data and information. [1]Sixth Sense Gadget is a wearable gestural interface that nexuses the physical world around us to the substantial digital data and allows us to use our natural mitt gestures to interact with the digital data. Sixth Sense Gadget comprises of pico-projector in link with a camera and a laptop. The micro-projector projects the information on any surface, including any object or even our hand. The camera acknowledges objects around a person forthwith and then this camera feed can be processed to access or manipulate the information using fingers. There are many applications of the device ranging from simple calculators to clicking and playing with images and making telephony calls or painting onto a virtual paint board with simple hand gestures. Keywords - Sixth Sense Technology, Image processing, qrcode, hue-saturation-value, Augmented reality,Real time Image processing, computer vision.