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Optimal Spectrum Utilization Deploying Cognitive Radio Techniques For Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) that deploy cognitive techniques in a Cognitive Radio Network have a lot of advantages. This paper presents the concepts of Wireless Sensor Networks deploying cognitive radio techniques to give rise to Cognitive Wireless Sensor Networks which help in greatly increasing spectrum efficiency. The advantages of CWSNs, challenges in their deployments and solutions to overcome those challenges are discussed. Wireless technologies such as the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi use the ISM band (which is used by WSNs) causing overcrowding that ultimately leads to degradation of WSNs performance. Cognitive technologies help in finding new spectrum and access to already existing ones with better characteristics. Dynamic adjustment of system parameters such as modulation and data rates is achievable through CWSNs which facilitate lower power consumption and higher network lifetime. Keywords - Cognitive Radios, Dynamic Spectrum, ISM, Nodes, Wireless Sensor Networks.