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Robotic Arm With Haptic Feedback

With current advances in technology, it is possible to remotely operate a robot to do delicate tasks such as surgeries and replacement of delicate equipment. However very few real-time haptic feedback systems exist till date to actually replicate the movement constraints, the temperature, the pressure and other parameters so as to actually immerse the operator in the operating environment. Simply put, there is no feedback mechanism which actually makes the operator feel the touch of what a robot is holding or sensing. Haptics or kinesthetic technology is the science of feedback which recreates the sense of touch by applying forces and vibrations onto the user. A particular state or condition of the device or the robot is bound to a specific haptic gesture. But this does not give the operator complete information about the physical bounds within which a robot can move. The proposed robotic arm is controlled by the human hand. Flex sensors are used to sense the finger movements. This information is transmitted to the robotic arm which moves accordingly. When the arm holds an object, the relevant feedback is given to a system on the controller’s hand which activates the haptic system and provides relevant sensory information to the human hand according to the properties of the object Keywords - Haptics, Kinesthetic Technology.