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Real Time Pollutant Monitoring Using Smart Phone

This system consists of air pollution sensors array, Global Positioning system (GPS) of mobile phone, single chip microcontroller, Bluetooth modem. Sensors are hardware devices that produce measurable response to a change in a physical condition of air pollution. The analog signal send by the sensors is digitized by an analog to digital converter & send to controller for further processing. CO, N, smoke and temp sensor senses the gas and communicate the data with microcontroller. Bluetooth modem is used for transmitting the data to LPC2138 to mobile. GPS modem of the mobile itself is used to send the location information. The main objective of this system is to continuously monitor the pollution level provided by the different sensor via Bluetooth modem at the control section. Hence particular plan of action should be taken to control the air pollution. Index Terms— Air Pollution, Global Positioning System (Gps) Of Mobile Phone, Microcontrollers Embedded Systems, Wirelessmobile Networks, Sensors.