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A Phasor Estimation Of A Sum Of Complex Exponentials Using Prony And Matrix Pencil Method With Prefiltering

as the increase in demand of electric power supply, the necessity to transmit more power has become the need of the hour. The excess power can be transferred by building new infrastructure (costly and time taking) or by using series compensation (relatively cheaper and faster alternative). Series compensation is a technique in which line inductance is compensated by placing a capacitor in series with the line. This helps in increasing the transmission capacity of the existing line. Series compensated lines face several challenges when it comes to protection and fault location. Current and voltage signals used by the protection and fault location algorithms, contain considerable sub-synchronous frequency components (SSFCs) which do not damp sufficiently within a typical fault clearing time of the line protection system. Presence of such SSFCs affects the accuracy of the available phasor estimation techniques which in turn impacts the accuracy of phasor-based fault location algorithms. In the presented research work a new offline Prony method and Matrix Pencil Method based phasor estimation techniques is introduced, which almost eliminates these SSFCs in addition to removal of noise, harmonics and decaying DC and results in more accurate phasor estimation for fault location in series compensated transmission lines. The idea is to estimate signal and the Current/voltage signal is then used to perform phasor estimation. The performance of the proposed technique is evaluated using an assumed theoretical signal inMatlab simulation and results are compared with the available accepted techniques. Keywords—Phasor Estimation, Series Compensation, Sub-synchronous Frequency Components, Prony, Matrix Pencil method.