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Accident Sensing And Broadcast Using RFID

In recent times due to the increasing traffic we have a lot of accidents taking place and we propose this project to prevent the loss of lives by increasing the scope of accident recovery management. In this project, we will detect the accident using RFID sensors and then broadcast to a web server. Using this web server we can detect the location of the accident. The goal of this project is to detect the location where accident took place and project the details of accident to nearby hospital to dispatch ambulance, to the nearest police station and to divert traffic preventing more accidents to happen in that particular location. In this project RFID sensors play prominent role, which can track nearby field for any existence or entrance of RFID tags which are attached to the vehicles. RFID tags are used as crash sensors which triggers the wireless mesh network in case of occurrence of any accident nearby. The mesh network send a service request to public safety forces after examining and assessing the occurrence and severity of the accident.