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T-S Fuzzy Logic And MRA Controller For Shunt Active Power Filter

In this paper, T-S fuzzy logic controller and model reference adaptive control (MRAC) is proposed for a singlephase shunt active power filter (APF) to improve line power factor and to reduce line current harmonics. The proposed APF controller forces the supply current to be sinusoidal, with low current harmonics, and to be in phase with the line voltage. The advantages of using over T-S fuzzy logic controller and model reference adaptive control(MRAC) conventional proportional-integral control are its flexibility, adaptability, and robustness; moreover, MRAC can self-tune the controller gains to assure system stability. T-S fuzzy logic controller is designed based on LMI toolbox, ands contains triangular membership function. Since the APF is a bilinear system, it is hard to design the controller. This paper will solve the stability problem when a linearization method is used to solve the nonlinearity of the system. Keywords—Shunt active power filter (SAPF),Tagkago-Sujeno( T-S fuzzy),model refernce adaptive controller( MRAC)