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Digital Camera Identification Based On Advanced Feature Extraction Technique For Rotated And Scaled Image

As now a day, there is a rapid progress in digital camera technology; a huge amount of image content is separated on the World Wide Web (www). The identification of the source camera of an input image is now have great demand as it can be used as evidence in court and helping police in their investigations, is in Digital camera identification. A considerable attention has been given now days to method of image sensors pattern noise. In this feature extraction based on high pass and low pass techniques is been used. By the existence of differences between the sensitivities of pixels and it is useful as a fingerprint of a camera is being done from photo response non uniformity noise. By random noise the PRNU noise of an image is usually contaminated. The image processing engine is scene content and affected which inhibits stable identification. In this paper we proposed rotated images or scaled images and a novel digital camera identification method using the pair wise magnitude relations of image sensor noise, which are robust to noise contamination. The proposed method can be identified the source camera of query images with high accuracy. Index Terms— Digital camera identification, PRNU noise, the magnitude relations of clustered PRNU noise.