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Otimization Design Of A Disc Planetary Generation Device For Bicycles By Using The Taguchi Method Based On The Theory Of Inventive Problem Solving

This study used the theory of inventive problem solving (TRIZ) and the Taguchi method to design a novel application for a power generation device in a bicycle. First, Altshuller's Table of Contradictions and 40 principles of the TRIZ were used to obtain the Nesting and Mediator, and Ansys Maxwell software was then used to simulate the models of power generation device by considering the number of magnetic poles, turns of coils, and distances between magnets and coils and between magnets and a yoke. Subsequently, an orthogonal array, L16(􀫝􀫞), performed using the Taguchi method was used to determine the optimal parameter combination, and the analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to find the crucial parameter, which is the turns of coils, influencing the electrical power generated by the generation device. Verification results showed that the efficiency of the electrical power generation was improved by using the proposed approach and that the approach can be applied to current electric bicycles. Index Terms- Low Speed, Generation Device, Triz, Taguchi Method.