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A Novel Direct Control Strategy For An IPM Synchronous Generator Based Variable Speed Wind Turbine Using Hysteresis Controller With A Boost Converter

In this paper we are proposing a novel direct control strategy for an interior permanent magnet (IPM) synchronous generator based variable speed wind turbine using hysteresis controller with a boost converter. In this process, current controllers are eliminated as all the calculations are done using a hysteresis controller with boost converter control strategy in the stator reference frame. These processes possess advantages such as low cost, lesser parameter dependence and reduced number of controllers compared with the traditional indirect vector control scheme. The direct control scheme is simpler and can eliminate some of the drawbacks of traditional indirect vector control scheme. The proposed control scheme is implemented in MATLAB/SimPower Systems and the results shows that the ripples in actual speed is been reduced with an integration of boost converter with six pulse switching of converters. Index terms- Direct Control, Interior Permanent Magnet (Ipm) Synchronous Generator, Variable Speed Wind Turbine.