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Estimating The Correlation Between The Calorific Value And Elemental Components Of Biomass Using Regrassion Analysis

The calorific value is one of the most important properties of biomass fuels for design calculations or numerical simulations in thermo chemical conversion systems for biomass. There are a number of formulae proposed in the literature to estimate the calorific value of biomass fuels from its elementary components by i.e. proximate, ultimate and chemical analysis composition. In this project, these correlations were evaluated statistically by Regression Analysis using SPSS software based on a database of biomass samples collected from the open literature. It was found that the correlations based on linear multiple regression analysis is the most accurate.The correlation between the Calorific value and elemental components of biomass could be conveniently used to estimate the Calorific Value from Regression analysis. The data points considered for correlation by regression analysis ranges in carbon content from (27.80% to 92.70)%, hydrogen content (0.10 to 8.80)%, oxygen content (0.20 to 49.50)%, nitrogen content (0.00 to 5.95)% and sulphur (0.00 to 1.05) wt. % on dry basis, the derived correlation can be accepted as ‘general correlation’ for the estimation of calorific value of biomass from its elemental components within the above specified ranges.. Keywords: Biomass, Calorific Value, Regression Analysis, Correlation.