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Validation Of Digital Simulation Using Artificial Neural Network

The processing capability and efficiency of computers are compared to that of a human brain. This comparison is the basis for the Artificial Neural Network (ANN).In this paper, an application of neural network is presented to implement digital logic circuits. This approach provides easier method of verifying logic circuits. Various combinational circuits can be modelled using ANN. BCD to 7 segment decoder is considered in this paper for digital simulation and analysis using neural network. The equivalent neural network model of BCD to 7 segment decoder is modelled using MATLAB/Simulink. It is modelled by combining various logic gates and trained for an input-output patterns using neural network toolbox. The trained neural network of BCD to 7 segment decoder is also tested and found that the proposed network yield accurate response. Keywords: Artificial Neural-Network; Back propagation algorithm; MATLAB/Simulink; BCD to 7-segment decoder; Digital Implementation; Neural-Network toolbox.