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Optimal Placement Of Distributed Generation For Loss Reduction In Distribution System By Using Newton-Raphson Method

Distributed Generation (DG) systems are becoming more common as result of the increased demand for the electricity. Proper location of Distributed Generation (DG) sources in power system is important for obtaining their maximum potential benefits, and for grid reinforcement, reducing power losses and on-peak operating cost, improving voltage profile and load factor and improving system integrity, reliability and efficiency. Non-optimal locations and non- optimal sizes of Distributed generations (DG) units may lead to increase losses, together with bad effect on voltage profile. Proper location of Distributed generations (DGs) in power systems is important for obtaining their maximum potential benefits. The main objective of this paper firstly, focus for the optimal placement of Distributed Generation (DG) sources on radial feeder for loss reduction with different types of concentrated load distributions such as Uniformly distributed loads, Centrally increasing distributed loads and Uniformly increasingly distributed loads by using Newton-Raphson method and secondly, Simulation methods Optimal Placement Distributed Generation (DG) source on radial System. This project focus towards, at determining optimal DG allocation and sizing as well as analyzing the impact of Distributed generation (DG) in an electric power system in terms of voltage profile improvement and line loss reduction. Keywords- Analytical Approach, Radial System, Distributed Generation, Optimal Placement, Power Loss.