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Distributed Routing Configurations For Ip Network Recovery

In present day’s internet plays key role in our communication infrastructure, but there exists a problem of slow convergence of routing protocols after network failure because of huge amount of data utilization. To assure the fast recovery from the link and node in IP networks we present recovery schemas Multiple Routing Configurations (MRC) and Enhanced Multiple Routing Configurations (EMRC). Our proposed schemas (MRC) guarantees recovery all single failure scenario’s, using a single line mechanism to handle both link and node failures without knowing cause of the failure and EMRC guarantees recovery from multiple node/link failures. In this paper we present MRC and EMRC, analyse the performance with respect to scalability, backup path lengths and load distributions after a failure. We also show how an estimate of the traffic demand in the network can be used to improve the distribution of recover traffic. Now a day, Internet plays a major role in our day to day activities e.g., for online transactions, online shopping and other network related applications. Internet suffers from slow convergence of routing protocols after a network failure which becomes a growing problem. Multiple Routing Configuration recovers network from single node/link failures, but does not support network from multiple node/link failures. Enhanced Multiple Routing Configuration supports multiple node/link failures, but does not support multiple network failures. In this paper we propose Distributed Multiple Routing Configuration (DMRC) to support multiple network failures during data transmission between different networks. By recovering these failures, data transmission in network will become fast. Key words- Re-Convergence, Routing Instability, Proactive Mechanism, Failure Recovery, Multiple Topology.