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Enhancing Smart Grid Operation By Gsm Based Substation Monitoring

Smart grid is a very important concept that optimizes and improves the reliability of power transmission systems. The smart grid is required to be more aware of its operative conditions and should have at least some degree of self-healing capability. This dissertation discusses the condition monitoring & communication technologies of HV equipment in smart grid. The development status of condition monitoring technologies in substation, conversion substation, and transmission line are introduced. To solve the problems of condition monitoring systems of power systems, and develop the technologies of condition monitoring in smart grid, the intelligent sensor networks, communication network with IEC 61850 protocol for condition monitoring of HV equipment’s in smart grid are proposed. This will help to communicate monitored parameters like Voltage, current, power, winding temperature & Oil temperature, DGA etc. on continuous basis for enhancement of Smart grid operation of system. Keywords-Smart Grid, Condition Monitoring, IEC 61850 Protocol, HV Equipment, DGA.