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Salt Water Immersed Propulsion Engine [Swipe]

Global water resources available in the hydrosphere are distributed in many forms. About 99% of the total water available is bound in the form of ice (in the Polar Regions) or is salt water. Harnessing seawater to generate electricity is not a new concept. Research and developments have given us many methods for the same. However engines which run on sea or salt water are few, costly and extremely bulky. By the application of proper technology, salt water can be utilized as a fuel, to run engines using cheap and compact designs. Vehicles using the Sea Water Immersed Propulsion Engine (SWIPE) can enjoy numerous advantages, which have been discussed and might pave way for a feasible future underwater travel alternative. This study mainly focuses on the theoretical framework and design of an undersea engine, which runs on salty sea water, using it as a fuel. The properties of sea water are utilized to an advantage and its abundance makes it ideal for prolonged use underwater. Several functioning units, associated with the engine, have also been proposed. These units along with the engine itself, has been explained in theoretical detail. Keywords: Engine, Immersed, Propulsion, Salt Water Engine, Sea Water Engine, Seawater Electrolysis, Swipe.