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A Comparative Study On Compensating Current Generation Algorithms For Static Synchronous Compensator Under Non-Linear Load Conditions

Cascaded multilevel configuration of the inverter has the advantage of its simplicity over the other Miltilevel inverters such as the DCMLI and FCMLI multilevel inverters. This paper presents a three-phase, five level multilevel voltage source inverter based STATCOM to improve power quality and Reactive power compensation in the distribution network. The STATCOM helps to improve the Power factor, Reactive power compensation and eliminate the Harmonics from source current cause by nonlinear load & minimize Total Harmonics Distortion (THD).The compensation current generation process is based on concept of SRF and IRP theory. A phase shifted PWM (PSPWM) techniques is adopted to investigate the performance of CHB Inverter. The results are obtained through Matlab/Simulink software package. Keywords- 5 level Cascaded H-bridge MLI based STATCOM, Instantaneous power theory, Reactive Power Compensation, Power quality improvement, Synchronous Reference theory, total harmonic distortion (THD).