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Segmentation Of Optic Disk And Optic Cup From Retinal Image

Retinal image analysis is becoming a prominent tool for detection of eye disease. Glaucoma is one of the serious eye disease. Presently manual inspections of optic disk and cup is a standard procedure which has its own limits for mass screening .In this paper we present an automatic optic disk segmentation and cup segmentation technique for glaucoma detection from retinal images. Detection of glaucoma from retinal image is a difficult task because of occlusions of blood vessel. Optic disk and cup segmentation method which is based on pixel intensities which are considered as a primary evidences of optic disk and cup boundaries. The result shows effectiveness in segmentation of optic disk and cup from retinal image. Keywords— Cup, Neuroretinal Rim, Optic Disk (OD), Retinal Images, Segmentation.