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Embedded System Based Non Invasive Device Development For Hemoglobin Estimation

Hemoglobin is an important parameter in the human blood, the deficiency of which leads to anemia. To reduce the complications due to anemia, Hb level needs to be measured. There are mainly two categories namely, invasive methods and non-invasive methods. The invasive method requires painful needle stick to draw a blood sample. Then it is sent to a laboratory for analysis, with results reported back to the physician later, potentially resulting in diagnosis and treatment delay. A non-invasive method allows pain free online patient monitoring system with minimum risk of infection. This paper proposes an optical non-invasive technique for Hb concentration measurement. The system based on single wavelength spectrophotometry. In this system the optical absorption characteristics of oxygenated and deoxygenated haemoglobin are analysed. The light form different wave length LEDs(700nm&805nm) are transmitted through finger and detected by photodiode. The received electrical signal is converted in to digital code and compared with the Hb value measured through conventional laboratory method. The result for one particular wave length (700nm) shows more correlation with clinically measured Hb value. Keywords- Hemoglobin, Non-Invasive, Spectrophotometry, Optical Method.