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Parameter Identification And Control Of BLDC Motor

Offline estimation methods for parameter identification and speed control of brushless dc motor (BLDC motor) are presented in this paper. Initially, modeling and speed control of BLDC motor with hysteresis current controller is done using motor parameters which are estimated with trial and error method. Then, different engineering optimization techniques are theoretically reviewed. Appropriate and effective estimation methods are chosen and are applied for the parameter estimation of BLDC motor. Parameters of motor-motor resistance (R), motor inductance (L), motor inertia (J)-are estimated using the estimation methods. The estimated parameters are given to the BLDC motor and the speed control of the motor is observed. Speed control obtained with the estimated parameters of each method is simulated. Speed control of the motor with different estimation methods is compared. The error in the each estimated parameter is also compared with for all the methods used for parameter estimation of BLDC motor. The parameter estimation and speed control is implemented in MATLAB/SIMULINK. Index Terms- Parameter Estimation; BLDC Motor; Optimization Techniques; Parameters of Motor