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Electric Power Management By Using Automatic Load Control With Zigbee Wireless Sensor Technology

The world today’s facing the most critical Problem of not getting the regular power. To recover the shortage regularly, power-cut/load schedule (load shedding) is done. This paper presents the solution to overcome/limit the problems regarding power contingencies, load shedding, failure in providing sufficient power towards the load center, etc. This paper shows the solution to overcome or limit such problems by distributing the load in three categories low, medium, high. In this paper, the controller is used to check the load demand and as per set value it will switch the load. In this paper the communication media as ZIGBEE is used for data transmission as well as communication between transmitter and receiver as per IEEE 802.15.4 Standard. The controller is programmed in such a way that, the supply to load will be never be zero. To overcome the problem of power distribution this paper provides an overview of wireless sensor network by managing the equal power distribution by using Zigbee network sensor. Keywords-Zigbee Wireless sensor unit,Load Management, Control Unit, Relay.