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Programmable Electronic Delay Detonator

To detonate explosive, detonators are used. Generally detonators can be of two types: Electrical and Percussion. A Percussion detonator responds to some type of mechanical force to activate an explosive. An electrical detonator responds to predefined electrical signal to activate an explosive. But there are various hazards associated with the electrical detonators like accidental initiation due to Electrostatic discharge or Radio frequency interference, improper firing of the circuit or problem in delay or logic of the circuit. So there was a need to develop a low energy, reliable and safe initiator in order to prevent catastrophes. Therefore the objective of this project is to design integrated chip for explosive initiation, firing circuit and delay and logic circuit. PIC12CE519 is used because of its features like reduced voltage, energy requirements and small size. Firing circuit is for safe initiation and Delay circuit is for triggering the detonator with accuracy and reliability. Keywords—Electronic Detonator, PIC12CE519, Delay, Thyristor.