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Performance Analysis Of Optical Fiber Network From Mac Layer Perspective

Optical fiber provides infinite capacity to support the rapid traffic growth which is required to our information society. However, as demand is increased and technology has developed, we have realized that there is a fundamental limit to fiber capacity. In this paper report we present a comprehensive review of how the MAC protocol is used to enhance the capacity in optical fiber networks. For this we have studied basics of optical fiber networks by considering different layers of protocol stack in optical network and their research challenges. The purpose of this project is to find the performance analysis of fiber optics network from MAC Layer perspective. In this project we would like to propose a hybrid MAC Protocol based on aloha, slotted aloha, and TDM structure to improve the channel capacity with resource optimization. Frame based structure of proposed MAC protocol not only helps us to manage on demand traffic but also increases the energy efficiency. We would like to present the thorough numerical and simulation results to back our proposed idea Keywords- MAC Protocol, slotted aloha, TDM, optical network, throughput, packet drop, energy Consumption