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H-Bridge Multi Level Inverter With Reduced THD For Automotive Application

This paper presents a compact inverter-battery combination for automotive application as a replacement for DC- AC converter. A 9 level H-bridge inverter is introduced for this purpose with a reduced amount of Total Harmonic Distortion. When compared to the conventional inverter multilevel inverters have an advantage on Total Harmonic Distortion reduction; by increasing the levels THD can be reduced without changing efficiency. Relevance of H-bridge inverter, change in THD with respect to multi level inverter levels and comparison in THD values , working principle circuit design, THD analysis, simulation results of the power circuit using MATLAB-SIMULINK, simulation of control circuit using Proteus-ISIS schematic capture and Hardware prototype are included in this paper. Keywords: Multilevel Inverter, Total Harmonic Distortion, Automotive application, 9-level H-bridge inverter.