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Intelligent Transportation: Enhancing Efficiency And Safety Of Transportation Using Wireless Sensor Network

—The population of the world has been increasing, road traffic has also been getting more and more congested, as a higher population and increased business activities result in greater demand for cars and vehicles for transportation. With fuel price soaring and potential threats of fuel shortage, we are now faced with greater challenges in the field of transportation systems. Inadequacy in transportation infrastructures can cripple a nations progress, social well-being, and economy. Previously, focused was given on how to build efficient highways and roads. Over time, the focus shifted to mechanical and automotive engineering, in the pursuit of building faster cars to surmount greater distances. Later on, electronics technology impacted the construction of cars, embedding them with sensors and advanced electronics, making cars more intelligent, sensitive and safe to drive on. Now, innovations made so far in wireless mobile communications and networking technologies are starting to impact cars, roads, and highways. This impact will drastically change the way we view transportation systems of the next generation and the way we drive in the future. It will create major economic, social, and global impact through the transformation. In this project, we will implement a system which will enhance efficiency and safety of transportation. Intelligent Transportation uses numerous technologies to assist and manage transportation. The basis is a collaborative approach, with each vehicle and RSU contributing relevant information, based on their own sensing and on information received from nearby peers and RSUs, vehicles can detect, and avoid dangerous or unwanted situations. For example, timely notifications about lane changes , and unsafely approaching vehicles, accident notifications can be highly beneficial. The same is true for notifications about dangerous or heavy traffic conditions disseminated by RSUs, locally or within a larger region with the help of other vehicles.