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Face Authentication And Recognition Based On Image Standard Measures And Msnn

In this paper we present a novel software based face image authentication and recognition method wherein counterfeit samples are clearly distinguished in contrast to the real face sample. Face recognition is the one of biometric technology, identifying a human by its unique physical nature. The proposed method is used to detect the different types of fraudulent access attempts in a face based biometric system and it is best biometric approach to distinguish one person from another. It increases the security of the biometric systems by evaluating the face sample in a fast, user-friendly, and harmless manner, through the use of image standard measures and morphological shared-weight neural network based face recognition. The approach followed to distinguish between genuine and impostor samples and recognize is simple to implement, which makes it suitable for real-time applications. Keywords- Biometrics; authentication; image standard measures; morphological shared-weight neural network based face recognition