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Design And Implementation Of Jointed Robot Arm Control System

the control of a robotic arm has been a challenge since firstly robot appeared. Now robotic arm is to be developed for working in the industry by picking and placing components. Automatic control of the robotic manipulator involves study of kinematics and dynamics as a major issue. This paper describes the design and implementation of jointed robot arm control system. It consists of three main parts which are MATLAB software implementation, serial interfacing between MATLAB and microcontroller unit and servo motor control. USART data is used as a communication path between the computer and controller. The PC sends the data to control circuit board. The outputs are calculated by main control unit which drive the corresponding servo-motor. PIC16F628A is used as main controller unit. This paper presents various aspects to design a robotic arm control system based on the kinematic modeling. Here, 4×4 homogeneous matrix calculation is used to get angle of arm position to reach any location within the maximum coverage area of robot arm. It can help to know the position of the end-effector. When the system is running, the user can choose the data in textbox for turn the robot arm to specified position. With the help of MATLAB GUI, not only arm moving part can be easily predefined but also arm position can be set up manually. They can be employed in places where precision and accuracy are required. Index Terms—Controller, jointed arm robot, kinematic modeling, servomotor