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Microcontroller Managed Module For Automatic Ventilation Of Vehicle Interior

In order to mitigate overheated interior of a vehicle parked in the hot summer sun and thereby to make the entering into the vehicle more comfortable, microcontroller managed module for automatic ventilation of vehicle interior is made. The module is implemented using a microcontroller as a central logical unit and a series of sensors which provide sufficient data to ensure functional, but also efficient, reliable and safe ventilation. The ventilation process is performed by opening vehicle windows slightly, which enables air to circulate. Microcontroller controls the position of the windows autonomously and independently of the driver’s presence, following predefined algorithm that uses sensors data obtained from the vehicle’s surroundings. Besides temperature, the most important factors to ensure quality implementation of ventilation are detected movements around the vehicle, the presence of precipitation and other. The module's task is to control the ventilation process autonomously in order to facilitate vehicle utilization, i.e. providing conditions to make the entering into the vehicle parked in the sun more comfortable. In order to meet all the criteria of quality ventilation, the module has to collect enough data from the vehicle's immediate environment and, based on that data, it has to decide whether it is necessary to lower the windows and thus start the ventilation process. Accordingly, the module can be divided to three logical units: peripheral unit - collects data, control unit -manages module operations, and switching unit – adjusts signal. Keywords: Microcontroller, Ventilation, Vehicle, Sensor, Temperature, Algorithm, Data.