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A Comparative Study Of Variable Structure Controlled Dtc Drive And Classical Dtc Drive For Induction Motor Control

The direct torque control (DTC) strategy for ac motors control seems to be particularly useful for these ASDs, due to its robustness and functional simplicity. Despite its simplicity, DTC is able to produce very fast torque and flux control and is robust with respect to motor parameters changes and to perturbations. However, in the steady-state operation, notable torque, flux, and current pulsations, and acoustical noise occur. Drives with SVM display excellent performance in terms of low torque ripple and quiet operation. A variable-structure solution (sliding-mode controller) for sensorless induction machine drives is proposed and tested. The control strategy combines VSC and DTC principles within a simple and robust high performance drive. In the steady state, the new drive operates with low torque, flux, and current ripple. During transient operation it displays good dynamic response and strong robustness with respect to speed and torque transients Keywords— DTC, SVM, VSC, Sliding mode control, Sliding mode Observer.F