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Power Quality Improvement In Distribution Network By Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer - A Review

Power quality is a big deal nowadays in power sector. There are different power quality problems such as hamonic distortion, notching, flicker e.t.c. Voltage sag and swell is one of the problems in distribution network. The problem of Voltage sag and swell is most important. To reduce these problems many custom power devices are uesd. One of those devices is the Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR), which is one of the most efficient and effective modern custom power devices used in power distribution networks. Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) is a series connected power electronic based device that can quickly mitigate the voltage sags in the system and restore the load voltage to the pre-fault value. DVR is recognized to be the best effective solution to overcome this problem. This paper discusses a review of the researches on the Dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) for power quality improvement in distribution networks. This paper describes principle of operation of DVR, components, DVRs topologies system in distribution system, DVR control strategies, and compensation techniques. Keywords— Dynamic Voltage Restorer, voltage Sag, voltage swells, power quality