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Integration Of Dispatchable Dg Unit In Distribution System For Voltage Profile Improvement And Network Loss Reduction

This paper presents a methodology for the integration of dispatchable renewable distributed generation (DG) units for minimizing network losses and voltage profiles improvement. In this methodology, voltage stability index are first proposed to identify the optimal size and power factor of DG unit simultaneously for each location for minimizing power losses. These expressions are then adapted to place renewable DG units for minimizing network losses while with and without considering of power factor. A combination of two dispatchable DG units is also proposed in this paper. The proposed methodology has been applied to a 48-bus Belin distribution system with different cases. The results demonstrate that dispatchable DG units (without considering power factor) can lead to a substantial reduction in network losses when compared to dispatchable DG units (considering power factor). The results also show that a maximum network loss reduction is achieved for all cases proposed with DG operation at optimal power factor. Keywords- Distributed Generation, Voltage Stability Index (L), Voltage Stability Margin (VSM), Network Loss, Continuation Power Flow (CPF).