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Application of Graphene Colloid Prepared by Electrical Spark Discharge Method to Pressure Sensors

This study used electric discharge machining and electrical spark discharge method to prepare graphene colloid by physical methods at normal temperature and pressure. The graphene colloid was analyzed and verified using UV-Vis and Zetasizer. The graphene concentrate colloid was baked in an oven to increase its concentration. It was then concentrated to make graphene conductive colloid. The graphene conductive colloid was transferred to a flexible printed circuit by repeated drop printing and drying. The resistivity change was recorded, and a pressure sensor was assembled. This study successfully prepared a pressure sensor with graphene. The total resistivity of the pressure sensor was 7.1KΩ. When 100g pressure was applied to the X-axis, the voltage output value was about 1.5 mV, and the Y-axis voltage output value was about 2.0 mV. Keywords - Electrical Spark Discharge Method, Graphene colloid, Pressure Sensor