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Design and Implementation of 30w Single Output Forward Converter for Space Application

Design and implementation of a single-output DC-DC converter for space applications that is lighter, smaller and more efficient due to its simple construction and ability to provide complete isolation between the input and output, the forward converter topology is highly preferred for developing Power Supply Units in space applications. The proposed converter is created using a single switch-forward converter topology that operates at 500 kHz. The input voltage feedforward method and voltage mode control by magnetic isolation are used to create a continuous and regulated output of 3.3 V/9.1 A from an input range of 18–50 V. To lessen the strain on MOSFETs, LCD snubbers are employed. At full load, the converter has an efficiency of more than 75%. There are circuits for inhibition and protection. The proposed converter will be utilized for space applications and is highly reliable. Keywords - Forward Converter, Inhibit, Input Voltage Feed Forward, UC2825 PWM IC.