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Design and Analysis of a Neural Amplifier with a Bulk Driven Current Mirror Load

In bio-medical signal recording a preamplifier is a critical analog building block. The requisite bandwidth for the high frequency oscillations (HFOs) predicting epileptic seizures is equal or less than 600 Hz. A neural amplifier design is proposed in this work and a low power low noise telescopic cascode OTA preamplifier is put forward. A bulk driven load is applied in the current stealing source degenerated telescope OTA. The bulk driven devices operate at low voltage and consume low power, while the source degeneration technique in the current stealing branch reduces the noise impact. The proposed design is modelled in Cadence CMOS 180 nm SCL technology operating at low supply voltage of 0.6 V. The proposed preamplifier design simulations generate a gain of 41.39 dB and a power consumption of 1.08 μW. All the transistor devices operate in subthres hold region to compute low power for recording and diagnosing the epileptic seizures. Keywords - Telescopic Cascode, Bulk-Driven, Source Degeneration, Preamplifier