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Sand-Filling System for Locomotive

Currently in Indonesia, sand-filling into the sandbox is still done manually, namely by carrying sandbags and then pouring them into the sandbox hole. PT. KAI Depo Lokomotif A Bandung has made a semi-automatic sand filler based on Arduino, but the tool still often has problems with the air suction machine which is often damaged and also cannot detect if the sandbox is filled. In addition, the tool cannot determine the amount of sand that has been filled into the sandbox. To overcome this problem, a PLC-based sand-filling system was designed to automatically fill sand into the sandbox using air force. From the results of the tests, this system can remove an average amount of sand of 6.9 kg/minute. The results of dust measurements around the tool obtained an average of 0.65 μg/m³. This system has also been integrated with the HMI so that it can be seen how much sand has been filled into the sandbox. Keywords - Locomotive, Pneumatic Conveying, PLC, Sanding, Sand-Filling.