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Overview of Memristor Devices and Applications

In recent years, researches related to memristors have developed vigorously.In this overview, combined with the industry background and technical bottlenecks in the information age, we review the development and improvement process of memristor-related theories, and introduce the characteristics of memristors. According to Professor Leon Chua's conjecture and the actual memristor manufactured by Hewlett-Packard Laboratory, the mathematical model and physical model of the memristor were analyzed. Theauthor pays attention to the development and application of memristors worldwide and introduce the applications of memristors in the fields including non-volatile storage, matrix operations,and neural networks. Frontier fields such as resistance control and flexible memristive devices will be the main development directions and application fields of memristive devices in the future. Keywords - Memristor, Computing in Memory, Non-Volatile Memory, Neuromorphic Chip, Matrix Operation