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Design and Analysis of Switched Capacitor Multilevel Inverter with Higher Voltage Gain

Benefits of multilevel inverters (MLIs) have been noticed in many different fields, including those who work with electric vehicles (EVs), ship propulsion motors, rolling mills, the paper industry, and metal forming, where MLIs have been in use for some time. Low voltage stress, reduced electromagnetic interference, and a compact output filter are all features of MLIs. The primary challenges in utilising multilevel topologies are the rising control complexity and cost as a result of the rising number of switching components and circuit complexity. The present work is mainly focused to design a single-phase SCMLI topologies with lower voltage stresses and component counts. In this study, we present a novel switched-capacitor MLI (SC-MLI). The inverter can enhance voltage by three times and automatically equalise the voltage across all of the switching capacitors. Switched capacitors and their charging-discharging cycles have been discussed, along with their underlying operating principle and the many modes of operation. All of the above topologies have been shown to work successfully in simulation. The significant benefits of the proposed MLIs are reduced voltage stress, a high gain, the ability to operate at any power factor, the reduction of switching components and high efficiency. Keywords - Total Standing Voltage; switched-capacitor; Self-balancing, Charging, Longest Discharge Cycle.